The Evolution Stowe Card and Stowe Bypass

Your Ticket to Superlative Skiing and Savings

Take everything you don’t like about the start of your day at any ski resort and make it easy.

As easy as walking from your car directly to the lift, then go skiing. That’s the ByPass program at Stowe Mountain Resort. Simply register your Evolution Stowe Card online, and then go direct to the lift every day you ski or ride in Stowe. Add to that, instantaneous savings by automatically paying the discounted ByPass rate the first time you’re scanned at the lift each day. Additionally, ByPass participants receive exclusive lift access specials throughout the winter.

Another advantage of the Evolution Stowe Card is Stowe’s Resort Charge Program. By securely linking your Evolution Stowe Card to a credit or debt card, you never need to carry cash at the mountain again. Use your ESC to pay for products and services at on-mountain restaurants, retail stores, rental & demo shops, the Ski and Snowboard School and more. 

 The Evolution Stowe Card (ESC)

The Evolution Stowe Card uses RFID technology to greatly improve convenience and value for guests throughout the resort. Stowe is now one of only a dozen ski resorts in the United States to use ‘radio frequency identification’ cards for ticketing, lift access and value added services. Examples of ESC benefits include: Hands free lift access, direct-to lift programs, online purchasing and reloading, special offers to registered users and resort charge capabilities. It’s literally the last ticket you’ll ever need at Stowe.

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