Stowe Mountain Resort

Solstice Restaurant

Imagine a place where the food is both refined and casual; where it becomes not just a meal, but an experience. Where the ingredients come from the surrounding area, exceptionally fresh, natural, and in many cases, organic. Where each course is crafted for your benefit, and you walk away not just full, but utterly satiated. There is such a place - Solstice - the intriguing artisan-inspired restaurant of Stowe Mountain Lodge.

Vermont is New England's most venerated location for farm fresh produce, heirloom grains and local craftsmanship. Stowe Mountain Lodge partners with local Vermont farmers, cheesemakers, and other talented artisans, as well as small farm advocacy groups like the Vermont Fresh Network and Chefs Collaborative, to create a dining experience that is unique to the area, both on the plate and throughout the restaurant environment.