Stowe Mountain Resort

Posted on Jun 30, 2004

The new trail is well underway!

Posted on Jun 28, 2004

The Vermont ATV Sportsman's Association gave the Vermont Outdoor Women's Association a training session and safety tips this past weekend.

Posted on Jun 21, 2004

Take a hike! Ride the gondola at Stowe to the top of Mount Mansfield. While you're there go for a hike on one of the designated paths, or check out the beginning of Spruce Peak's make-over!

Posted on Jun 21, 2004

Love Horses? Go for a carriage ride with Gentle Giants, located on Mountain Road.

Posted on Jun 17, 2004

Say goodbye to the counterweight building! The concrete bases anchoring the towers for the new hydraulic tensioning system at the Easy Street and Alpine lifts are now in place and back-filled. As a result, the building that formerly housed the massive counterweights is now gone. It is interesting to see how open this area has become. Excavation for the base terminal of the new quad is well underway and the concrete formwork will begin there shortly. This week will see the excavators move up the hill to begin preparing the rest of the tower bases.

Posted on Jun 16, 2004

What better way to spend an afternoon than at Stowe Country Club!

Posted on Jun 16, 2004

You will not find a better view than from the top of Mt. Mansfield.

Posted on Jun 16, 2004

The new entrance to Spruce Peak is well underway!

Posted on Jun 15, 2004

Jessica ponders life as a biker chick.