Stowe Mountain Resort


These six short-feature films by Meathead Films,  depict the unique mountain lifestyle of Stowe, Stowe Mountain Resort and its people.

The beauty of all these 25 minute films is that each is comprised of five segments that can be featured individually. They include:
The Best of Stowked, 2012 - Our ‘Best Of’ compilation, featuring Ty Walker, a local girl who is one of the top-ranked woman’s snowboarders (by age) by the USASA and more.

Get Stowked, 2011 – featuring the UVM Ski Team, the 2012 NCAA National Champions, and more.

Forever Stowked, 2010 – features Maggy Dunphy (Spa), local icon Donna Carpenter, historian Brian Linder and more.

The Stowked Life, 2009 – features Stowe Mountain Golf Club, local couple Pete & Tori Milne and more.

Stowked Again, 2008 – featuring Mt. Ops, local family ‘the Gorhams,’ Jay Bowen and more.

Stowked, 2007 – ‘The Original’ features the youth culture of Stowe Mountain Resort.