Stowe Mountain Resort

Junior Golf & The PGA Sports Academy Golf Program


“Golf is a Sport, and Golfers are Athletes”


The Stowe Junior Golf Initiative and the PGA Sports Academy program is a collaborative framework based on research and best practices from PGA Professionals, PGA Education, allied associations and the long term player development (LTPD) standards for junior golf adopted by the PGA World Alliance. The PGA Sports Academy’s main focus is on developing core golfers that will have pathways to continue to play golf socially or competitively based on each individual’s desire.


SJG and the PGA Sports Academy program will help youth learn to play golf and have fun in the process. The PGA Sports Academy program has three levels: Sport, Player and Champion. Each level has five areas that will help youth learn, develop and practice the skills to become a better golfer and enjoy the sport of golf:

• Fitness and Nutrition
• Golf Skills
• Sportsmanship, Etiquette and Rules
• Golf and “Near Golf” Experiences
• Golf and Physical Assessments

Physical and Golf Skill Development Emphasis 

Physical Development:

• Fundamental movement skills                    
• Coordination development           
• Motor skill development                                               
• Athletic movement development                                    

Golf Skill Development:

• Instruction emphasis                                     
• Fundamentals (progression for each level)
• Rhythm and balance                                       
• Short game and long game
• Equipment Progression                                  
• Non-Golf (baseball bat, hockey stick, etc.)
• Near Golf (SNAG, Almost Golf, Birdieball, etc.)                                                                                          
• Golf (junior fitted and adult fitted clubs)

Sportsmanship, Etiquette and Rules

• History of golf                                                  
• Rules
• Etiquette                                                            
• Safety                                                                 
• Pace of play 

Fitness and Nutrition


• Hydration                                                          
• Jumping
• Balance nutritional plan                                               
• Movement and Coordination
• Consistent eating pattern                              
• Balance
• Posture                                                              
• Throwing 

Golf Skill Development

• Target and alignment                                     
• Full Swing
• Putting (reading the greens and distance putting)
• Pitching
• Introductory Bunker Play 

Golf and “Near Golf” Experiences

• Hybrid golf (combining golf and other sports)         
• Putting Course
• Introduce playing in a scramble format

Fee: $

Registration – Parents are invited to stay and get an overview of our new program.

Club Assessment – Our staff will be available to assess your childs current equipment and/or fit them for new equipment.

Physical Assessments – Students will be run through a series fun and active assessments.  

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