Stowe Mountain Resort

Kirkwood's Pub

Dedicated to the founding pro at Stowe Country Club, Joe Kirkwood, Kirkwood's Pub offers fresh, creative interpretations of country club grill room fare. American  finger food appetizers, fresh entrée salads, traditional soups, hearty  sandwiches and grilled specialties are the highlight of our casual  lunch spot. Incredible views of the Stowe valley from our deck and  patio.

Food Service: 11am-5pm
Bar Service: 9am-8pm
Price Range: $4.95-$9.95

Joe Kirkwood
Born: April 3, 1897, Sydney, Australia
Died: October 29, 1970, Stowe, Vermont

Joe  Kirkwood was born in Sydney, Australia and left home at the age of ten  to work on a sheep ranch in the outback. His boss there was a golf  enthusiast and Joe soon developed a love for the game. He made his own  clubs from saplings and snakeskin and practiced nightly. In 1920 he won  the Australian Open and the New Zealand Open after which he decided to  go on tour.

Joe  fared very well on tour and over the next three years won the Canadian Open, the North and South Open, the Illinois Open, the California Open, the Texas Open, the Lossiemouth Tournament and was runner-up in the  Gleneagles Tournament. He also came in third, fourth and sixth in the  British Open over the years.

Joe,  however, was probably best known for his trick shooting. He teamed up  with another professional, Walter Hagen, and together they toured the  world's golf courses putting on shows and offering golf tips to royalty  and ordinary people, even stopping a war between China and Japan so  they could watch the golf show. Joe is credited with 29  holes-in-one, two of which were on the same round. He was the first pro  to use a wooden tee and he helped to develop modern golf clubs while an  adviser to Golfcraft engineers. He was a unanimous choice for the  American Golf Hall of Fame, and as Lowell Thomas wrote, “I suspect that  Joe Kirkwood did more to popularize golf than any other man who ever  lived.”

Joe was at his best as a teaching pro and he spent the final years of his  life as Stowe Country Club’s first golf pro. He is buried in a nearby  cemetery. On his stone reads,

Tell your story of hardluck shots,
Of each shot straight and true,
But when you're done remember son –
That nobody cares but you!

- Joe Kirkwood 1897 - 1970