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Stowe Rocks Climbing Center

Introducing the all-new Stowe Rocks Climbing Center, a state-of-the-art facility located in the Adventure Center, featuring climbing challenges for adventure seekers young and old. Stowe Rocks is a proud member of the Climbing Wall Association and actively participates in the ClimbSmart!® Program—a national public awareness movement addressing the components of risk in climbing sports, climbers' safety and personal responsibility.

Stowe Rocks Features

  • Multiple distinct, color-coded routes—on both Elephant Head Tower and the Program Wall—with sloped, vertical and overhanging perspectives for climbers of all skill levels.
  • Sixteen stations which consist of either Auto Belay or Top Rope systems.
  • Kid Zone, a climbing area for children age 12 and under. A 12-foot wall featuring crazy fun climbing holds such as airplanes, trains, letters, numbers, boats and trucks.

All climbing equipment and instruction are provided for groups of all sizes.



Frequently Asked Questions

Stowe Rocks is the indoor climbing center at Stowe Adventure Center. There is a Kid Zone, a 30-foot high Program Wall and 50-foot high Elephant Head Tower. There are a total of 16 stations, from which Top Rope or TruBlue Auto Belay systems are set up, each featuring multiple ropes.
No. Climbers of all ages are invited to join the fun at Stowe Rocks Climbing Center. There is a weight limit for the TruBlue Auto Belay devices. Climbers must be over 22 pounds and less than 330 pounds to use the auto belays. Climbers under the age of 12 must be actively monitored by a responsible adult 18 years or older.
All participants must complete a Participant Agreement prior to climbing. A signature from a parent/guardian is required for all participants under the age of 18. If a minor is coming to Stowe Mountain Resort without a parent/guardian, the agreement must be signed in advance and brought with the minor.
To access the Participant Agreement, click here.
The Kid Zone is a climbing area for children age 12 and under, with a 12-foot high wall featuring crazy fun climbing holds such as planes, trains, letters, numbers and trucks. The Kid Zone also features Atomik Climbing Holds Sensory Block holds. These holds are very large Lego shapes that are easy to stand on. They are designed to help build the confidence needed for stabilization on the wall and are great for working on mobility with young ones.
A route is a series of same-colored holds that the climber follows from the start point to the end point.
Each of the 16 stations has a variety of routes, each set with a specific degree of difficulty. Each station has a minimum of three routes—a beginner, an intermediate and a hard route. The grading of these routes follows the Yosemite Decimal System, starting at 5.5 and gradually getting more technical, up to 5.14. Routes are changed approximately every month and a half.
Guests who choose to use their own shoes and/or harnesses are responsible for inspecting this equipment prior to use. Stowe Rocks guides reserve the right to prohibit the use of equipment with apparent deficiencies. No personal hardware (carabiners, quick draws, belay devices, etc.) are permitted. Stowe Rocks is happy to provide these items for your use at no additional change with your pass fee. Please ask Stowe Rocks staff for assistance if you have any questions or concerns.
Yes. Certified climbing instructors are on staff whenever Stowe Rocks is open for business, to coach and assist with any questions you may have. If you are seeking a private lesson, please call our vacation planners to make a reservation.
Auto Belay devices allow a solo climber to hook-in and be belayed by the device while climbing. As the climber ascends, the auto belay automatically reels in the nylon webbing that the climber is attached to, providing gentle tension. When the climber "tops out" at the end of their route, or falls, the auto belay gently lowers the climber back to the floor of the climbing wall. These devices allow solo climbers to get a lot of climbing done in a short amount of time.
You will need to pass a belay test designed to show the Stowe Rocks staff that you know how to belay and communicate effectively with your climbing partner. To take the belay test, you must be 13 years or older.
The staff at Stowe Rocks Climbing Center at Stowe Mountain Resort are not medically qualified to assess the capacity of participants with medical conditions or questions to undertake the sport of climbing. It remains your responsibility to make such an assessment prior to participating. We advise you to visit Stowe Mountain Resort prior to booking. You may wish to contact to your doctor for further advice.