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Grooming & Appearance


Stowe is a world-class resort, a classic Vermont town with centuries of experience as a renowned host. Our quintessential New England village is steeped in tradition. We attract guests and visitors who are affluent, adventurous, and sophisticated. Our guests expect a world-class, authentic, unique, natural, and emotionally bonding experience. As staff members of Stowe Mountain Resort, it is expected that we uphold these standards in our appearance and manner.

Grooming and appearance standards do not have anything to do with how you would like to look outside of your work. They have everything to do with the impression you make on our guests while at work.

All employees are required to meet the company minimum standards identified below. If due to a sincerely-held religious belief or disability you are not able to meet the standards and/or would like to request an accommodation, please contact Human Resources.

Hair: Hair should be clean, professional and kept back from the face. Extreme styles (e.g. mohawks) are not permitted.

Facial Hair: Beards, goatees, sideburns and mustaches are allowed up to ¾” length maximum and must be neatly trimmed at all times. Otherwise, staff should be clean-shaven. Extreme styles are not permitted.

Nails: Fingernails should be clean and short or moderate in length. Polished nails should be maintained and in good condition.

Jewelry & Piercings: All jewelry must be professional in appearance. One small nose stud is allowed. Up to two earrings or one solid gauge up to ½” maximum in each ear is allowed. All other facial jewelry or visible body piercings, including additional nose rings, gauges and tongue studs are not permitted. Concealing jewelry with a bandage or other means is not permitted.

Tattoos: Employees may have visible tattoos, except on the face and neck area, that are in good taste and not offensive. An employee may be asked to cover their tattoo with clothing while on duty and must comply if requested.

Clothing/Hygiene: Employees are expected to dress professionally and follow all reasonable personal care standards, including regular bathing to avoid offensive or excessive odors such as body odor and/or per­fume and cologne.

Footwear: Employees are expected to wear footwear appropriate for their position and in good condition.

Uniforms: Certain positions require employees to wear a uniform while working. Employees are expected to wear uniforms in the appropriate manner. Nametags must be worn and jackets zipped up to above nam­etag level. All hats, where permitted, must be worn facing forward.