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Our Culture: Stowe Exceptional Service

526New_ImageOur guests expect exceptional customer service when visiting our resort. To achieve our mission to “Raise the level of service every day.”, we must practice delivering Stowe’s Exceptional Service Standards, which are critical to our resort’s culture.



Flip the Switch:  Arrive to work with a ready to serve attitude.

  • Be on time.
  • All employees will have high standards of dress, grooming and personal hygiene as outlined in the Stowe Mountain Resort employee handbook.
  • Your nametag will be visible at all times.

The Stowe Hello:  Be warm, positive and genuine. It really makes a difference.

  • All employees will use departmental phone standards with “a smile” in their voice. Every time we engage a guest we will use good grammar, offer assistance, and thank them for coming to Stowe.
  • Use the guest’s name (if known) as many times that’s appropriate during each interaction; including upon greeting and in closing.

The 10- to 5-Foot Rule:  Be prepared and know how to act in the zone of influence.

  • When a guest or employee approaches, we apply the 10- to 5-foot rule:
  • At ten feet away, we acknowledge with eye contact and a smile.
  • At five feet, we extend a verbal greeting indicating the time of day: “Good Morning/Good Afternoon/ Good Evening”.

We’re the Experts:  See beyond your department, see the resort as a whole. Get out and know your way around. Share your knowledge with pride and enthusiasm.

  • All employees are knowledgeable about restaurants, shops and other facility hours of operation, services, resort activities and events.
  • When asked for directions, all employees will offer directions with an open hand and whenever possible, escort the guest to their destination.

Own the Challenge: All employees will offer alternative solutions to the guest.

  • Employees will never say “No” to a guest.
  • All employees will use L.E.A.R.N. (Listen, Empathize, Apologize, Resolve and Notify) to address guest issues in a timely, effective and professional manner.

Be a Steward of this Special Place:  Care for Stowe Mountain Resort with your actions. We have a shared responsibility to ensure our resort is clean and safe for both employees and guests. Remember SAFE-T:

  • Safety: Report needed repair and maintenance.
  • Care for our Assets.
  • Keep our Facilities clean and inviting.
  • Support / protect our Environmental Charter.
  • Lead by example in handling Trash, recycling and composting.

Say Goodbye Like You Mean It:  Give our guests a reason to return.

  • When concluding an interaction with an internal/external guest, all employees will use the guest’s name (if known) and ask in a sincere manner: “May I assist you with anything else, Mr. / Mrs. / Miss / Ms. __________?”.
  • Thank them genuinely. Ask if they enjoyed themselves and find out why if they did not.
  • Show gratitude for their business and invite them back.