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Stowe Rocks

Stowe Rocks - Stowe Mountain Resort

Stowe Rocks is currently closed

May 26th through June 23rd
12:00 – 5:00 PM

Introducing the all new Stowe Rocks Climbing Center, a state-of-the-art facility located in the Adventure Center, featuring climbing challenges for adventure seekers young and old! Stowe Rocks is a proud member of the Climbing Wall Association and actively participates in the ClimbSmart!® Program: a national public awareness movement addressing the components of risk in climbing sports, climbers’ safety and personal responsibility.

Stowe Rocks Features:

  • Multiple distinct, color-coded routes – on both Elephant Head Tower and Program Wall – with sloped, vertical, and overhanging perspectives for climbers of all skill levels.
  • 16 stations which consist of either Auto Belay or Top Rope systems.
  • KidZone: Climbing area for children ages 13 and under. A twelve-foot high wall featuring crazy fun climbing holds such as airplanes, trains, letters, numbers, boats and trucks.

All climbing equipment and instruction provided for groups of all sizes. Professional American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA)–certified Climbing Wall Instructors are available for group and private lessons.

We host Birthday Parties! Check out the info here.

2017 Stowe Rocks Rates - Winter Adult (age 13+) Child (12 & under)
Pass: includes 2 hours of climbing, equipment & intro to TruBlue Auto Belay $30 $26
Kid Zone Pass: $15 Ages 13 and under.
The 2 hour pass will let the child use of the specialized bouldering wall only.  Climbing shoes will be provided (no harness needed).

Season Pass: $450 Adult (age 19+) |  $350 Child
Valid until 4.23.17 – Unlimited pass with no blackout dates. – Non-transferable

County Season Pass: $280 Adult (age 19+) | $180 Child
For residents of Vermont Lamoille, Washington and Orleans counties.
Valid until 4.23.13 – Monday-Friday excludes holiday periods 12.26.16-12.31.16 and 2.18.17-2.20.17. Must have 2 forms of ID –Non-Transferable

Please ask about Private Lessons, Private Events, and more at 802-253-3000.

Private Lesson is a 1 hour session customized to your climbing goals and abilities with the undivided attention of our AMGA CWI certified guides working on technique, movement, reading routes, etc. Lessons are available daily from 1pm-3pm. Reservations are Required.

All rates/dates subject to change without notice. Rates include 6% Vt. Sales Tax. Weight and /or height restrictions may apply for some activities.
Currently Closed. Re-opening for Spring Climbing Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays May 26th through June 23rd 12:00 – 5:00 PM   Reservations in Advance for Groups (6 or more) and/or Lessons: Please call 802-253-3420.
What is Stowe Rocks?
Stowe Rocks is the indoor climbing center at Stowe Adventure Center.  There is a Kid Zone, a 30 foot high Program Wall and a 40 foot high, Elephant Head Rock tower.   There are a total of 16 stations from which Top Rope or TruBlue Auto Belay systems are set up, each featuring multiple routes.

What is a route?
A route is a series of same colored holds creating a challenge. Each route has a start point and an end point. The challenge is getting from the start point to the end point only using the same colored holds.

What are the difficulty levels of the routes available to climb?
Each of the 16 set-ups there are a variety of routes set, each set with a specific degree of difficulty. Each station has a minimum of three routes, a beginner, intermediate and hard route. The grading of these routes follow the Yosemite Decimal System, starting at 5.3 and gradually getting more technical up to 5.14. Routes are changed approx. every month and a half.

Are instructions available?
Yes.  AMGA (American Mountain Guide Association) certified climbing instructors are on staff whenever Stowe Rocks is open for business.  Reservations are recommended for interested climbing students.

What is an “auto-belay”?  
Auto Belay devices allow a solo climber to hook-in and be belayed by the device while climbing.  As the climber ascends, the Auto Belay automatically reels in the nylon webbing, to which the climber is attached, providing gentle tension as the climber goes up the wall.  When the climber “tops out” at the end of their route, or falls, the auto belay gently lowers the climber back to the floor of the climbing wall. Allowing solo climbers to get a lot of climbing in a short amount of time!

What do I need to do, to manually belay a climber at Stowe Rocks?
You will need to pass a belay test, designed to show the Stowe Rocks staff that you know how to belay and communicate effectively with your climbing partner.  To take the belay test, you must be 13 years of age or older.

What is the floor made of?
Recycled, shredded rubber tires, topped off with a surface coating, and provides a soft surface for climbers to land upon at the end of their descent.   5 inch Thick, cushioned pads are positioned on the floor of the Kid Zone to provide soft landings for our young climbers.

What equipment will I need to climb?
All equipment that you will need to climb is available at no charge and is included with your entry fee.   Included with each pass are:  La Sportiva climbing shoes, MAMMUT climbing harness, use of ropes and / or auto belay devices.  It is recommended that climbers wear form-fitting (not baggy) clothing while climbing.   NOTE:  Stowe Rocks is a “liquid-chalk-only” climbing facility.

Can I use my own gear?
Guests who choose to use their own shoes and/or harnesses are responsible for inspecting this equipment prior to use.  Stowe Rocks guides reserve the right to prohibit use of equipment with apparent deficiencies.  No personal hardware (carabiners, quick draws, belay devices, etc.) are permitted.  Stowe Rocks is happy to provide these items for your use, at no additional charge, with your entry fee.  Please ask Stowe Rocks staff for assistance if you have questions or concerns.

Are there any age limits for climbers?
No.  Climbers of all ages are invited to join the fun at Stowe Rocks Climbing Center.   Something to keep in mind is that there is a weight limit for the TruBlue Auto Belay devices.  Climbers must be over 22 pounds and less than 330 pounds to use the auto belays.  The weight limit for kids’ harness is up to 80 pounds and no taller than 2.5 feet height.  Over and above that weight and height, kids will be upgraded into an adult harnesses. Climbers under the age of 14 must be actively monitored and supervised by a responsible adult (18 years or older).

What is the Kid Zone?
The Kid Zone is a climbing area for children ages 13 and under. A twelve foot high wall featuring crazy fun climbing hold such as planes, trains, letters, numbers and dinosaurs! The Kid Zone also features Atomik Climbing Holds Sensory Block holds. These holds are very large and easy to stand on block shapes designed to help build confidence needed for stabilization on the wall. Great for working on mobility with young ones!

If I get tired out can I come back to climb after resting up?
Yes.  Your pass is good for two hours.  Other pass options allow climbers the flexibility to climb whenever their schedule allows during Stowe Rocks hours of operation.

ClimbSmart!®  – Climbing is DangerousClimbSmart! logo
If you don’t understand something, please ask.

Ask for help from a staff member if you are unfamiliar with any aspect of climbing.
Don’t fake it.

Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the use, care, inspection and retirement of climbing gear.

Verify that you’re on belay and that your harness and knot are secure before leaving the ground.

Climbing or bouldering on any wall may result in falls, and falls from any height can result in serious injury or death.


Please Note: All dates, rates and hours are subject to change without notice

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