TreeTop Adventure

Stowe's Treetop Adventure is closed for the Summer 2021 season. Check out our other Summer offerings here>>

TreeTop Adventure Course

Take on the ultimate aerial challenge at the new TreeTop Adventure. Featuring six different aerial courses with over 68 challenges and games to experience, this is your chance to embrace a unique summer adventure ... from above. Course includes ziplines, suspended bridges, nets, swinging logs, rope ladders and much more.



Explorer or Adventure

TreeTop Explorer is our Kids Explorer Yellow course, a single course with 13 exciting and age-appropriate activities for kids ages 7-12. Participants must be able to reach a height of 4'7" with fingertips when standing flat-footed. No person over the age of 12 can go on the explorer course.


Adventure Combo

The ZipTour and TreeTop Adventures can be combined as a package, resulting in the ultimate way to experience Stowe Mountain Resort in the summertime.

AM Combo is @ 1030 zip and 12pm Tree.
PM Combo is 1pm Zip and 3pm Tree. 

Day-of reservations can be made by calling 802-253-3685

Stowe Mountain Resort TreeTop Adventure is located in central Vermont at Stowe Mountain Resort on Vermont's highest peak, Mount Mansfield.
Stowe Mountain Resort TreeTop Adventure is an adventurous obstacle course set up in the tree canopy, wooded area adjacent to the Mansfield Lodge. Participants clip themselves into a cable system that runs throughout the course. During your adventure, you will ride ziplines, walk over suspended bridges, scramble up nets, cross swinging logs, climb rope ladders and much more. The Kids Explorer Yellow Course is a single course with 13 fun and exciting, age-appropriate activities. The Adult Adventure is divided into four courses, each getting harder and higher, identified by green, blue, red and black designations. Adult Adventure courses must be completed in order and cannot be repeated.
We highly recommend that you reserve your Stowe Mountain Resort TreeTop Adventure in advance, as there is limited availability for each tour and tours can sell out. You can reserve online or by calling 802-253-3685. Payment in full is required at the time the reservation is made. Please be prepared to provide a name, date of birth, address, email and phone number for all participants when calling to make a reservation.
It is imperative that you arrive at your scheduled TreeTop Adventure time. Arriving on time allows for a relaxed start to your adventure. If you arrive late and miss your session, or cancel day-of, you will not receive a refund. We will attempt to put you in a later time slot if available, but there is no guarantee. Factor in additional time for driving to Stowe Mountain Resort, parking, getting to the Adventure Center, completing the necessary paperwork, visiting our retail store, making use of our facilities and taking the Over Easy Gondola across the road to the Mansfield-side of the resort.
Stowe Mountain Resort TreeTop Adventure is an outdoor adventure in the woods and involves walking through the woods, climbing in trees and handling climbing equipment. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows free movement and you don't mind getting dirty (pine pitch, bark and dirt) or sustaining slight damage. Many of our guests find that wearing gloves, specifically biking or weight-training gloves, helps with their grip. Gloves are recommended and options are available for purchase in our retail shop.
  • Wear ankle-supporting boots or sneakers. No flip-flops, open-toed or slip-on shoes are permitted.
  • Long hair must be tied back.
  • Waists must be covered and body piercings and jewelry removed or taped over.
  • You may want to bring a change of clothing for the journey home.
If possible, you should bring a water bottle that can be clipped to your belt or harness (with a small carabiner). We do have water, water bottles, carabiners, and snacks available for purchase at Adventure Outfitters, located in the Adventure Center. Chewing gum is not permitted while participating in the Stowe Mountain Resort TreeTop Adventure.
Yes, you can! Getting a camera into the trees is straightforward—you just need a carabiner to make sure your camera is always securely fastened. If you don't bring your own carabiner, we have them available for purchase at Adventure Outfitters, located in the Adventure Center. We ask that you be courteous of other guests by not taking too much time on platforms (only three participants are allowed on a platform at any given time) to take photos or videos.
No. Any bag would interfere with the fitting of the safety harness and your ability to navigate through the games. Water bottles can be carried, if attached with a carabiner.
The Yellow Explorer Course is open to children ages 7 to 12 who can reach a height of 4 feet 7 inches standing flat-footed. The Green, Blue, Red and Black Adult Adventure courses are open to guests age 7 and older who can reach a height of 5 feet 9 inches standing flat-footed. Parents/guardians are responsible for the supervision of minors as they move through the courses and may do so from the ground or in the trees. There are no weight restrictions; however, the harnesses may not properly fit certain body proportions. If the harness does not fit you properly, you will not be permitted to participate in the Stowe Mountain Resort TreeTop Adventure.
Yes and no:
  • Ages 13-15 (inclusive): A parent/guardian must be on the ground observing or participating in the courses with the participant. The parent/guardian must accept responsibility for ensuring that any minors in his or her care complete the courses in accordance with the specific safety rules and advice given by Stowe Mountain Resort TreeTop Adventure attendants.
  • Ages 16-17 (inclusive): A participant in this age bracket may complete the courses without an accompanying adult, but he/she must bring with them a waiver signed by a parent/guardian. It is recommended that a parent/guardian be present while participants are completing the course, but it is not required.
To access the waiver, click here.
Stowe Mountain Resort TreeTop Adventure does require a degree of physical fitness, but if you can climb up a rope ladder, you should be fine. You can always catch your breath between obstacles.
Yes, Storage is limited and not guaranteed. Stowe Mountain Resort is not responsible for items left unattended.
You will receive a safety briefing and training from one of our Stowe Mountain Resort TreeTop Adventure attendants before you begin. Once you demonstrate the ability to use the safety equipment you have been given and observe the safety protocols, you will be directed to the start of the Green Course or the Yellow Course. Once you are in the trees, you will notice attendants on the ground. These folks are available to coach and cheer you on as needed (or desired) throughout your adventure. The attendants are available to bring you down if you reach a point where you cannot continue and cannot reach an exit platform.
*Attendants reserve the right to remove guests from any of the courses if they observe that safety equipment and/or procedures are not being followed. Refunds will not be issued to guests who are removed from the course due to a safety concern.
Stowe Mountain Resort TreeTop Adventure offers four adult courses that begin with the easiest and lowest games, 10 to 15 feet off the ground, leading up to the more challenging games at higher elevations, upwards of 50 feet off the ground. The Yellow Course's highest point is approximately 10 feet off the ground.v
Stowe Mountain Resort TreeTop Adventure is a personal experience and everyone will move through the courses at their own pace, after successful completion of the training course. Stowe Mountain Resort TreeTop Adventure will take approximately 2 to 4 hours to complete.
No, you can go at your own pace and let people pass you if you're taking a little more time with an obstacle, zipline or section. If you want to reduce the chance of being held up by people in front of you, we recommend that you book an early morning slot, as there will be fewer people ahead of you.
*Participants need to be off the course no later than 5:30 p.m.
You may find that with the training, coaching and assistance from the Stowe Mountain Resort TreeTop Adventure staff, you will feel confident to do things you never dreamed possible. The Stowe Mountain Resort TreeTop Adventure staff takes pride in their ability to boost your confidence and get you through even the most challenging obstacles.
The course is split into sections. At the end of each section you can take a short rest period or make your way back to the Adventure Center if you decide to call it a day.
*If you decide to end your adventure early, you will not be issued a refund.
Yes, spectators are more than welcome to watch friends and family zipline, swing and crawl from tree to tree from the trails below along most of the courses. Signs and attendants will point spectators away from restricted areas. Please stay on the paths provided.
Our Stowe Mountain Resort TreeTop Adventure attendants will come to your rescue. They have special equipment to get you to the nearest platform or safely off the course.
If you should fall, your safety harness will catch you. Once your harness stops your fall, you can regain your footing and continue through the course.
The Stowe Mountain Resort TreeTop Adventure courses are sports venues that consist of substantial, physically testing adventure activities, including various ziplines and obstacles. There is an inherent risk of injury when participating in such activities. Participants are responsible for attaching themselves to the safety systems. If you do not attach yourself to the safety system as instructed, you risk falling, which could result in a serious or fatal injury; however, the treetop course has been built to and operates under careful design considerations and best practices. Additionally, the course is inspected daily, monthly and annually for adherence to these safety standards. All participants receive a safety briefing from an attendant at the start and have to wear a safety harness at all times. The SMR TTA attendants will coach you, guide you and then observe you through our demonstration course to help you prepare to perform the moves you need to make it through the course safely. We will guide you through the safety protocols and teach you how to use the safety equipment.
*Attendants reserve the right to remove guests from any of the courses if they observe that safety equipment and/or procedures are not being followed. Refunds will not be issued to guests who are removed from the course due to a safety concern.
Stowe Mountain Resort TreeTop Adventure is an excellent wet-weather activity, but is even better when dry. The course remains open in all weather conditions, except when it is icy, stormy or lightning. Rain makes the course slicker and the ground muddier than usual, which adds to the fun and adventure for many people; however, since you are beneath the forest canopy, conditions are often much drier than when standing out in an open field. Whatever the case, you should dress for the weather and may want to bring a change of clothing for the journey home. Stowe Mountain Resort TreeTop Adventure will not operate in impending weather conditions that indicate lightning may be in close proximity, high winds or icy conditions. Our staff will contact you if we have advance notice of impending weather and need to reschedule. Sometimes, unfortunately, we might need to close the Stowe Mountain Resort TreeTop Adventure for reasons beyond our control. If you have already started the tour, we will do our best to find alternative dates or times for you and your party to visit us again.
You may change or cancel your reservation 24 hours prior to your scheduled time with no penalty and will receive a refund or voucher for the amount you paid. If you cancel within 24 hours of your tour time, you will not be issued a refund or voucher. Late arrivals will not be issued a refund or voucher either and will not be able to join the group. Those not meeting the weight requirements will not be refunded or receive a voucher. We will not cancel due to rain or snow. Mountain weather is subject to change quickly and can be volatile. We will make every effort to complete your tour as planned; however, we will temporarily suspend the tour at our discretion, sometimes with very little notice, due to lightning, thunder, high winds or icy conditions. If we cancel the tour, guests will be offered a rain check or a refund. If we delay the tour, the cancellation policy will apply—please plan your day accordingly. Tours are not pushed up more than half an hour when there is a weather-related delay. If there is a weather-related issue during your tour time, your tour will be cancelled. It is your responsibility to provide us with the best mobile number or email to reach on the day of your tour. Weather is not a viable reason for canceling the day of your tour—we strongly recommend you check the weather a couple of days prior to your reservation.
To cancel or change reservations, call 1 (802) 253-3685 or email
Women over 20 weeks pregnant or having received a physician warning to avoid high-risk activities may not participate in the Stowe Mountain Resort TreeTop Adventure. The staff at Stowe Mountain Resort TreeTop Adventure is not medically qualified to assess the capacity of participants with medical conditions or questions to undertake the TreeTop Adventure courses. It remains your responsibility to undertake such an assessment prior to taking the tour. We advise you to visit Stowe Mountain Resort prior to booking. You may also wish to contact your doctor for further advice.
Dogs are permitted outside at Stowe Mountain Resort, provided that they are on a leash and under the control of a handler at all times. Dogs are not permitted in any of the buildings, with the exception of The Lodge at Spruce Peak (as a registered guest). Service dogs are welcome throughout the resort. If you bring your dog to the Stowe Mountain Resort TreeTop Adventure, someone must remain with the dog while others participate in the activity. Do not leave your dog unattended in your vehicle.
The CLiC-iT system, which attaches users' lanyards to the TreeTop safety cables, uses small neodymium magnets. At this point in time, because we do not know whether these batteries may interfere with any electrical health devices, we are not permitting people who use a cardiac pacemaker or an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator to participate in the TreeTop Adventure.
A guest may use the Stowe Mountain Resort TreeTop Adventure if he/she can meet our Essential Eligibility Criteria for this activity.
For more information, call 1 (802) 253-3685 or email
  • Prior to confirming your reservation, you must disclose any allergies or medications that could affect your participation in the program.
  • Stowe Mountain Resort TreeTop Adventure employees are not allowed to dispense medication and arrangements must be made for an authorized caretaker to provide this service, if applicable.
  • If you have experienced recent shock (e.g. insulin, asthma attack, bee sting), you should refrain from adventure-based activities that may require physical, emotional or mental stress.
*Attendants have the authority to cease the participant's activity if the participant exhibits behavior that makes their participation unsafe to themselves, the guide and/or others at the resort, makes it apparent they no longer want to continue the activity or the prevailing conditions or circumstances warrant.
You may read, print and sign the required waiver form prior to your arrival. Please bring this with you on the day of your adventure. Parents/guardians who are not present with their children must provide this signed waiver form in order for their children to participate.
To access the waiver, click here.