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Updated December 18, 2018 at 8:23 AM

Greetings Busters and Parents!

The countdown is on:  just three… two… one… days till Busters 2018-2019!

Some important reminders for our opening weekend:


First Day Meeting Locations

  • Reminder: we meet at 830AM in the Great Room in Spruce Camp on Opening Morning, Saturday, December 15.
  • Lunch is in the usual places
    • Minibusters and Mightybusters eat in the Adventure Center at 11AM
    • Stowebusters and AMP eat in Midway at 12PM. (Note: Please send your Buster with a little extra cash until they test the Resort Charge function on his/her Epic pass!)
  • Pickup is at the usual places
    • Minibusters and Mightybusters next to Gondola Barn at 230PM
    • Stowebusters and AMP in front of Midway Lodge at 230PM
  • Starting Sunday, December 16, morning drop-off is as follows:
    • Minibusters and Mightybusters next to Gondola Barn at 830AM
    • Stowebusters and AMP in front of Midway Lodge at 830AM



All Busters must have two pieces of paperwork completed

  • Buster Registration (emailed in November)
  • Buster Release of Liability (emailed in December)

Both are available at the bottom of this page under Program Information. Have you returned both? If you are unsure, please email both to our sales team again ( Note: the Adventure Center is open from 8AM-430PM if you want to return paperwork in person and pick up your child’s identifier tag.


Identifier Tag

You can pick up your identifier tag at the Adventure Center from 8AM-430PM or pick it up at our registration table in Spruce Camp on opening morning.


Eat Well, Ski Well

Buster coaches discussed nutrition at this year’s annual Buster team training sessions. You are what you eat, and if you eat well, you’ll ski well. New this season: Stowebuster and AMP coaches will enforce a new nutrition policy. Simply, no candy before lunch. Please tell your Busters to plan on eating food other than candy during morning breaks!


Expectations for Opening Weekend

  • Coaches will be assessing groups and communicating with leadership and parents.
  • Coaches will cover safety topics, the Responsibility Code, and the Buster Code of Conduct.
  • Groups will focus on mostly blue and green terrain.
  • Tons of friends, tons of fun!


Habit Forming

Buster Blasts are posted on this page on Put it in your phone or device… We will update the page weekly. Be ahead of the curve… please get in the habit of checking the page for weekly Buster updates.


Future Busters?

Do your Busters have younger siblings that want to be involved? Click here to check out the 6-pack at Cubs Childcare Center for ages 3 months to 3 years.


Final Words

We have spoken with many of you in the weeks leading up to Saturday. We are as excited as you! We can’t wait to reunite with our returning families and meet the new. Safe travels… see you Saturday!


Think snow!

The Buster Team

The Buster Team
Buster Team


 December Events
 January Events
 February Events
 March Events
Sat 12/15/18: Opening Day

 Sun 1/6/19: Snowboard Sunday (tentative)
   Hats Off to New Year (Minis and Mightys)

Sat 2/2/19: Race Training Sat 3/2/19: Skills Quest
Sun 12/16/18: Sat 1/12/19: Race Training Sun 2/3/19: Wear Your FavoriteSports Team Jersey Sun 3/3/19: Snowboard Sunday (tentative)
Sat 12/22/18: Skill Quest

Sun 1/13/19: Snowboard Sunday (tentative)
   Super-Hero Sunday (Minis and Mightys)

Sat 2/9/19: Race Training
Sat 3/9/19: Race Training
Sun 12/23/18: Sat 1/19/19: Race Training Sun 2/10/19: Valentine's Theme (Minis and Mightys) Sun 3/10/19: Snowboard Sunday (tentative)
Sat 12/29/18: Skills Quest Sun 1/20/19: Bump Contest
   Clowning Around Theme (Minis & Mightys)
Sat 2/16/19: Race Training Sat 3/16/19: Race Training
Sun 12/30/18:

Sat 1/26/19: Race Training

Sun 2/17/19: Stowebuster & AMP Race Event
(Spectators encouraged!)
   Space Theme (Minis & Mightys)
 Sun 3/17/19:
  Sun 1/27/19: Bump Contest
Clowning Around Theme (Minis and Mightys)
Sat 2/23/19:Race Training
Sat 3/23/19: Race Training
  Sun 2/24/19:Minibuster & Mightybuser Race Event
(Spectators encouraged!)
   Safari Theme (Minis & Mightys)
Sun 3/24/19:
  Sat 3/30/19: Buster Championships
  Sun 3/31/19: Last Day