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Tuning & Repairs

A properly tuned pair of skis or snowboard gives you better control in specific conditions and is easier to handle. Your ski’s or board’s ability to turn and glide is greatly reduced when you don’t have them properly tuned.

Good, sharp edges are essential for control. Flat, waxed bases glide better for ease of turning. You can have anything from a hot wax based on the day’s snow conditions to a full race tune done on the mountain and ready for you by utilizing our convenient on mountain service. Why not take advantage of our Wintersteiger tuning machines located in any of our three tuning and repairs shops: Stay Tuned at Spruce Peak, Front Four Tuning and Repair Center, or The Front Four Demo Center.

The professional technicians in our repair and tuning shops are specially trained to ensure professional service for your skis or snowboard. We have competitive rates compared with area shops and more expertise than shops miles away from the mountains. With excellent tuning, the performance of your ski/board can even be adjusted to your skiing or boarding skills. Inform our service technicians which skiing/riding style you prefer, which terrain you like best, and what other problems you have. This way, the technician can adapt the tuning perfectly to your style!

It depends on the snow conditions, the terrain, and your performance level as to how often you have your equipment tuned. Major base or edge damage should be repaired immediately.

219WS_LogoWINTERSTEIGER recommends tuning:

  1. Prior to the first outing in winter
  2. About every 4 days out on the slopes
  3. At the end of the season

-Stay Tuned at Spruce Peak
-Front Four Tuning and Repair Center
-Front Four Demo Center


Overnight Tuning Ski Binding Service Ceramic Disk Edging Snowboard Binding Repairs Phone
Stay Tuned
X X X X 802.760.4609
Front Four Tuning & Repair Center X X X X 802.253.3675
Front Four
X X X 802.253.3671

Note: Parent or guardian must sign equipment rental agreement and repair work ticket for minors. All major credit cards accepted.

Season Tuning
Why not pay one set rate at the beginning of the season for your tuning needs (less any major base repair) and be able to drop it off for a quick wax or tune whenever needed? With a season tune, our professionally trained technicians get to know your skiing or riding style and your equipment.

They see it on a regular basis and can anticipate what your needs might be for the upcoming days. Conveniently located on the mountain, you’ll be ready to roll when the snow is flying. The price for the first pair is $246 and any subsequent pairs are $174 each*. We will take some information from you and issue you a numbered decal for your skis or board. Stop by either the Mansfield Tuning and Repair Center or Stay Tuned at Spruce Peak for more information.

Overnight Tuning and Repairs
Convenience is our goal. At Stowe Mountain Resort’s on mountain tuning and repair centers we strive to make your stay an enjoyable one. Drop off your equipment at any one of our three service centers before 4:30pm to ensure that it is in top running condition for the next day’s adventures. Our overnight tuning and repair service is the easiest way to get your equipment serviced.

Pre-Season Equipment Checkup & Binding Service
The binding adjustment or binding check is one of the most important things you can do for your ski system. Your binding has to hold when it should and it has to release when it must. There is much more to the adjustment than just the release settings.

Our certified technicians attend annual training sponsored by the leading binding manufacturers to ensure your bindings are mounted and adjusted quickly and accurately. We can test the functionality of your boot/binding system with a computerized calibration machine to measure the recommended release values. A correctly functioning boot and binding system will bring you the peace of mind that your bindings are functioning correctly so you can enjoy your day on the hill.

*Prices are subject to change.