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Ski & Ride Levels

Ski & Ride Levels

383greenGround School

We will introduce you to your equipment and the sports of skiing and riding.

383greenIntro to Turning

Skier – I am comfortable gliding and stopping in a straight wedge. I can make a slight direction change.
Rider – I have taken a lesson before, but may not have ridden the lift. I am able to steer the board one footed and turn to a stop.

383greenBasic Turns

Skier – I am comfortable riding the chairlift. I can make controlled wedge turns on easy green terrain managing turn shape and speed.
Rider – I am comfortable riding the chairlift. I am able to sideslip and stop. I am working on turns.


383green383blueIntro to Parallel/Dynamic Riding

Skier – I am comfortable making wedge turns on all green terrain. I am varying the size and shape of my turns.
Rider – I am able to link turns on easy green terrain.

383blueParellel Turns/Dynamic Riding

Skier – I am comfortable skiing on blue terrain. I am looking to
improve my speed control and comfort on more challenging terrain.
Rider – I am comfortable riding blue terrain. I can control my
speed with turn shape. I have tried riding switch before.


383blackBlack Diamond

Skier – I am a parallel skier. I am comfortable skiing on black terrain. I want to explore the mountain more, and develop versatility in variable conditions and terrain.
Rider – I am comfortable riding blue and easy black terrain in all conditions. I am comfortable riding switch on green terrain and I may have the desire to explore glades, park, and pipe.

383black_doubleDouble Black Diamond

Skier/Rider—I enjoy all black diamond runs. I want to master the Front Four runs of Stowe, and ski or ride with the versatility that is the mark of the expert. I want to learn the secrets of skiing or riding different terrain and snow conditions.