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Uphill and After Hours Program

Uphill Access Program 2017-2018

For any questions about skinning and hiking up the mountain or for trail recommendations on any given day, please call the Stowe Trails Hotline at 802-253-3690.

Stowe Mountain Resort and the State of Vermont support outdoor recreation and the public use of State Forests.  One manner in which the public may enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains is by skinning or hiking.  At Stowe, our core winter business is lift-accessed skiing and riding, which requires mountain operations to take place 24 hours/day.  Because outdoor enthusiasts choose to use our trails outside of our recreational business hours, when trail maintenance and other operations take place on our alpine trails, we present the following Uphill Access Program that is expected to be followed At Your Own Risk.


Post-Season Uphill Traffic Update:

The mountain is closed for the season, however mountain operations continue.  Snowcat drivers and other heavy machinery operators are working out on the hill.  Please be aware of the hazards of this machinery, stay well away from it and respect our employees.

  • Preferred uphill/downhill routes include Perry Merrill and Gondolier.
  • There are no rescue services available.  If you need emergency assistance, you will need to call 911.
  • Respect parking signs and gates, as lots are being swept and maintained at this time.


In-Season Uphill Traffic Policy:

During hours of daytime operations, uphill access is permitted on the following trail:

  • Toll House – Easy Mile trail. (This extends from the base of the Toll House lift to the intersection of Lullaby Lane)

Uphill traffic shall:

  • Ascend the skier’s left side of the trail (skinner’s right)
  • When more than one person is ascending, proceed single file
  • Follow Your Responsibility Code
  • Obey all signage and closures
  • A valid ticket or season pass is required to access the lifts
  • No restrictions for downhill travel during operating hours

During non-operational hours, uphill/downhill skiing and riding is permitted on the following trails:

12am-Opening of the FourRunner Quad (8am weekdays, 7:30am weekends and holidays)

  • Mansfield – Nosedive
  • Mansfield – Perry Merrill

Close of Lifts – 12am

  • Mansfield – Lower Tyro to Lullaby Lane to Toll Road (providing access to the Stone Hut in the evenings)
  • Spruce Peak – Sterling

Downhill Travel/Closed Trails

Your downhill route must mirror your uphill ascent during non-operational hours.  Once the mountain is open for the day, other trails are accessible for downhill use. Other than on the terrain presented above, all trails are closed and inaccessible to uphill travel. For safety reasons, public uphill access is restricted on trails during mountain preparation/early season snowmaking due to inconsistent and potentially unstable conditions. Stowe Mountain Resort will open the trails designated for uphill access when preseason operations are complete and the trails have been opened to the public for access by lift. Never ski or ride on a closed trail.  Do not impede or obstruct ski area operations and avoid areas where machinery is operating. Failure to abide by these terms may result in loss of your pass privileges and/or additional consequences.

During non-operational times, skiers and riders shall:

  • Be as visible as possible to others.  Use headlamps and other lights.  Wear bright, reflective clothing.
  • Avoid areas where resort equipment may be working.  When approaching a grooming machine or snowmobile, step off to the side of the trail and use a light to draw the attention of the operator.  NEVER follow a grooming machine.
  • Stay away from snowmaking equipment.  Do not ski or step on hoses.
  • Keep dogs on leashes, or leave them at home.
  • Be aware of the location of any winch operations.  Signs that winching may be in progress include:
    • A red beacon on the ground or on a snow cat
    • Mounds of snow that have been piled at the top of a trail that is being winched
    • A posted warning that winching is in progress
  • Know that Resort Emergency Services are not available during non-operational periods. If you or a member of your party is injured, you will need to call 911.  Know your route, and be prepared to report it to 911.
  • Obey all signage and closures.



Dedicated parking for Uphill Access Participants is located in Lot D (near the Gondola building) during non-operational hours and the Toll House parking lot during operational hours. 

Program is subject to change based on operational changes and needs. Sledding and mountain bikes are not permitted on Stowe alpine trails at any time.

Uphill activities may present a high danger of personal injury. Uphill users of Stowe Mountain Resort assume all risks associated with access. The ski area is not maintained for uphill access and trails are not patrolled outside of normal ski area operating hours. Motorized vehicles, snowmaking and other ski area operations may be encountered.

For any questions about skinning and hiking up the mountain or for trail recommendations on any given day, please call the Stowe Trails Hotline at 802-253-3690.  Stowe Mountain Resort and the State of Vermont thank guests for their understanding and cooperation.

Your Responsibility Code

Whenever you are skiing or riding at Stowe, follow the common sense etiquette as described in Your Responsibility Code.  The Code can be found on the Mountain Safety page at, and is posted around the resort.