5 800.253.4754 | 802.253.3500 | www.stowe.com TREETOP ADVENTURE Stowe’s TreeTop Adventure offers 6 different levels of courses consisting of aerial tree-to-tree connections with 68 various challenge/game elements intertwined in the experience. First you’ll learn to use our state-of-the-art safety cable system, giving you the knowledge and skill to achieve feats on our Adventure Courses that will leave you motivated to conquer the world. Suitable for most ages, the courses are designed to progressively build confidence and defy the expectations of your capabilities. This is a truly inspiring activity. GONDOLA SKYRIDE Sit back in our comfy eight-passenger Gondola and float through Vermont’s most spectacular landscape just below the summit of Mt. Mansfield. Hikers will find access at the top to several scenic trails (moderate- advanced hiking). For a meal worthy of the view, enjoy lunch at the Cliff House Restaurant. Challenge the forest! Make it through the Black Course at the TreeTop Adventure. It will change your life. TREETOP ADVENTURE ZIP TOUR ADVENTURE The Adventure Cen Violette Studio