Uphill Access Program: Hiking, Skinning & Snowshoeing

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Stowe Mountain Resort is now closed for the 2021 – 2022 winter season and we would like to thank everyone who came out and enjoyed this season with us.

At this time, with the resort closed for winter operations, uphill travel is now permitted at all hours.  Please note that there is no ski patrol, no maintenance for recreational use and no services available. There will be mountain operations in progress, so please keep your distance from any resort equipment and personnel, which may be encountered at any time and at any place on the resort.

All access is at your own risk and if you have an emergency, you must dial 911.

Don't miss our Stowe Uphill Safety Video, presented by Helly Hansen. 

Winter 21/22 Uphill Program: Parking Info & Important Reminders

Uphill Access Parking

  • For Perry Merrill and Nosedive access, park in Lot B, located below the Midway Lodge.
  • For Toll Road access, park in the dirt lot across from Toll House Conference Center (on the right of Route 108 North).
  • Be aware that snow removal operations take place overnight, and may affect surface and snow conditions around your vehicle.

Know Before You Go

  • Make yourself visible Wear bright, reflective clothing and a head lamp. If you approach a snowmobile or grooming machine, move to the side of the trail and direct your headlamp toward it so that the operator can see you.
  • Uphill routes are identified with reflective markers along the side of the trail, visible from the point of view of uphill travelers. Look for these markers to help guide you up your route at night.
  • Pets are not permitted on resort property, including overnight. Please leave dogs at home.
  • Be aware of the location of any winch operations. Signs that winching may be in progress include a red beacon on the ground or on a snow cat, mounds of snow that have been piled at the top of the trail that is being winched, or a posted warning that winching is in progress.
  • Stay away from snowmaking equipment. Never ski over or step on hoses.
  • Resort emergency services are available during operational hours, and not overnight. In the event of an emergency, you will need to dial 911.

Additional Information

Uphill access is a privilege, not a right.  Stowe Mountain Resort maintains a lease with the State of Vermont that permits the resort to restrict access to resort trails at any time to mitigate safety concerns.  Snowmaking, grooming and maintenance are essential resort functions that occur primarily overnight.  From another perspective, without these services, no one would be skinning on resort trails, so please allow us the time and space to do our jobs so that you may enjoy the trails as a passholder does.

Skinning at Stowe is enjoyed by a vibrant and connected community.  Please help educate fellow participants who are new to the sport and don’t know the rules, or who are choosing not to obey them.  If uphill users do not follow guidelines and put themselves and resort staff and operations in jeopardy, then the resort may be forced to restrict access.